Meet Jackie Terry, the Tanzanian fashionista, who is the brain behind popular fashion Blog The blog which began on the 31st of December 2013 has over 15700 views already and nearly 1000 followers on Instagram.

Check out Prayzzz’s Blog’s exclusive interview with her:


PB: Please tell our readers a bit about yourself and your love for fashion

JT: My name is Jacqueline Albert Godfrey Terry, a 21 year old fashion blogger from Tanzania but i am currently based in Kenya. I have loved fashion since high school and as years went by, my love for fashion increased hence my starting a fashion blog.


PB: About your blog how did it begin? What was it like setting it up? Did you have any professional help or did you create it yourself?

JT: is my second blog i had a previous blog but I stopped using it when I wasn’t getting enough inspiration. I wanted to start a fresh so on 31st December 2013. I created this blog via it was actually a very easy set up and since I like doing things on my own I decided to create everything by myself the logo, the name, basically everything.

PB: Now for the question everyone’s secretly asking, is it possible to make money from a fashion blog?

JT: It is very possible to get money, through advertising for different people on the clothes you wear or sometimes through having ads on your blog for different online sites. But I’ve yet to discover someone who is willing to pay me to blog about their products, but as far as I know yes you can get paid for blogging.

PB: How do you promote your blog?

JT: I promote my blog via social networks, mostly Instagram and Twitter. Sometimes when I meet with people and we’re networking I just tell them ‘Oh yes I have a blog you can check it out’. But my main way of promoting my blog is via social networks.

PB: Since Lehautestyle began, has it all been smooth sailing? What have been some of the challenges?

JT: I can’t say I have had any challenges yet and I thank GOD for it I am yet to meet with them but so far so good , I get both negative and positive comments but I can’t call those challenges so I would say it has been smooth sailing and I pray and hope it will always be that way.


PB: How active are you on a weekly basis on your blog?

JT: Per week especially this year when I really got serious with blogging, I can post 2 to 4 posts or more depending on if I did a shoot that week.

PB: Do you communicate with your followers?

JT: I do and I try reply as many as I can. Also when I am asked what I am wearing for example or asked for advice on what to wear, I have a polyvore account where I post different outfit looks that the fans can get inspiration from. I also started doing giveaways so I can give back to some of my readers. It’s going to be a monthly thing.

PB: What kind of feedback have you received so far?

JT: I receive both negative and positive feedback but it’s always been more on the positive side and I am so thankful for that.

PB: What for you, has been the biggest challenge since you began fashion blogging?

JT: As I said earlier I’ve not had something that I can actually call a challenge if that makes sense*laughs*


PB: How would you describe your personal style?

JT: To other people this is a simple question and they can describe it even in one word but for me it’s one of the most difficult questions ever , my style changes and evolves as time passes by and I don’t think I dress in one kind of way as you can see from my pictures so I’m yet to find one style that defines me but right now, my style is just evolving.

PB: Who or what inspires you Fashion Wise?

JT: I get inspired everyday by different people. The fashion industry is such a huge industry and there are so many people you can get inspired from but to just mention a few, Christine Centenera (Vogue Australia’s fashion director), Anna Wintour ofcourse , and so many fashion bloggers like Aimee of .

PB: Being a fashion blogger, do you receive any sorta privileges? Like invitations to fashion events for example.

JT: I am a new fashion blogger and I have never received any privileges on fashion events but I know some that do and I can’t call em privileges, cos it is them appreciating your work enough to want you to be in their fashion event so I would say only your hard work will get you free invitations on fashion events.


PB: Finally what advice do you have for upcoming fashion bloggers?

JT: Oh wow advice? I would say just do you and work hard enough for what you love and believe in because no one will, I have close friends who don’t even visit the blog unless I tell them to but I have strangers who would walk up to me and tell me I love your blog and you inspire me it is the craziest thing since I am not even close to where I want to be in life but having even one person reading and viewing my crazy blog, that to me is enough to make me work harder and stay true to what I believe and stand for no matter what people will say.

So there you have it! Prayzzz’s Blog’s Personality of The Month. 😀

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