Prayzzz's Blog's Personality Of The Month September Edition

So yeah we missed 4 months and ish, but we back now 😁

Introducing Nigeria’s Student Video Director of The Year 2015 and Lost Dreams C.E.O Theophilus King, a 19 year old 400 level undergraduate studying Computer Science at the University of Lagos(UNILAG)

Prayzzz’s Blog got a chance to meet this talented dude. Check out the full interview below:


PB: Please tell our readers a bit about yourself.

TK: I’m Theophilus King, i share a birth date with Martin luther King jnr *laughs*. I’m a filmmaker, director, artist, visualist & founder of the creative & entertainment company Lost Dreams.

PB: Martin Luther King Jr, that’s Huge.

TK: *laughs* Yeah same way i felt when i found out.


PB: When did your journey with film/videography begin?

TK: That’s a real long story but imma cut it short. I started out as a graphic artist and at some point i just felt i was made for more but i swear i never thought i’ll be doing this; planning & shooting videos. Funny story. Anyways it all started when i watched an eye candy video on worldstarhiphop, i remember the model was Emily Sears. She was dancing & strutting her stuff to a The Weekend song-by the way i’m a huge The Weekend fan. After watching that video, i said “I want to make videos like this all my life”. Like every other thing just started from there, my muse started pulling strings in my head, sparked my interest in how videos were made, i searched online for a filmmaking DSLR to buy & i started working for the money. I watched tutorials on youtube & read books, i swear before i bought my camera i already knew half the process.

PB: So you were inspired by Emily Sears?

TK: *Laughs* Nah she was just a muse in the process i think, considering me my mind just needed a half naked lady and The weekend’s music in a video to spark it up.

PB: Interesting way to put it.
TK: *smiles in mischief*


PB: You talked having to work in order to get your first DSLR. How long did it take you to get it?

TK: Oh you got that? Good question. I swear I was out here hustling for three months. I actually remember designing about three four websites to come up with the money. Like everyday I’d be on Amazon just looking at it till it finally became mine. The buying didn’t end when the camera came, I started buying equipments, a tripod, dolly, lights. Right now I still need more equipment.

PB: Wow. Talk about commitment.

TK: Haha its not easy homie.

PB: True dat.


PB: What have your experiences been like since you began?

TK: Mehn I’m not even really where I want to be yet and its  been really tough mehn. I mean the music videos I have out I enjoyed working on them, i mean like rick ross this s#!+ is highly sophisticated I just make it look easy. I mean there’s the budget problem, there’s the creative factor with the artist, there’s location, there’s lighting to worry about, there’s ups and downs, there’s when things don’t go according to plan, but we gon be alright.

PB: You referenced Rick Ross and Kendrick Lamar, is it safe to say you are a fan of hip hop?

TK: Haha definitely. I mean I love music generally, safe to say music raised me. Probably why i’m creating music videos now. i’ve probably seen too many movies & music videos. I became a filmmaker, like even before producing or any form of training I already knew a few principles sub consciously. I plan to invest in music too, I mean that’s what my company Lost Dreams is about. I’m inspired by Jay Z & Roc Nation greatly, and thats something i’m gon do.


PB: As a film maker and director how do you deal with challenges like budget, creative factors, locations and lighting?

TK: Everything plays a big role in the production and in a world where i’m not recognized yet, these artists are not ready to give me a working budget to create something great so there’s that. Like nobody wants to pay for art anymore they just want to get the best out of the least, so I’ll say its tougher for me but I plan to bring something different to the table, so you know I’m only working with young great minds who understand the vision.
I mean like nothing is a problem, except the artist is the problem. As for my side we’re good and ready for adventure. So those minor challenges don’t faze me.

PB: How do you deal with ‘problematic’ artistes or in a situation where the artiste is the problem, what do you do?

TK: It’s really easy, if you was made for a Theophilus King video, i don’t think we should have major problems, you really should be part of this story, I should have more videos out but for the best reasons & a couple artists I’ve worked with, we probably had different visions. It’s all about a working relationship, I mean I’m an artist too I have a vision too & if we can’t compromise to create it, I don’t want it. I don’t want no problems.


PB: What artistes or brands have you worked with so far?

TK: Well from my videos I’ve worked with Yusuf Kan Bai on a song Jollof rice; a cover of Trey Songz’s Oh Nana. That was my first project as Theophilus King still one of my best videos so far, the production was lit, enjoyed working with him he’s a performer, my kind of thing. I actually wrote the video & he loved it and went with it and although lighting was a lil difficult cos I had little help, it’s all good we’ll be working on more projects. After that it was a young female Damova; One & Only I just love the song, there’s a lotta drama going on in there, that was a bigger project, had a few difficulties, but I enjoyed what I did with that. I also wrote that, although there was a little thinking on my feet at some point & I enjoyed the production. Then Haywire haha that’s my brother, ‘Posted’ Up video was a tip off the iceberg off what we’re going to create together you know. He makes the music I want to work with and he’s really creative. It’s like our combo is just superb, I’m talking young greatness, thats what I want from an artist. Who knows, we might just have new stuff for our audience. Also worked with the awanjo dance company, those fiery dancers & other brands on the low. But I promise there’s good stuff coming. I mean, I had a little training at Frontline Media Academy with my idol Kemi Adetiba which was really priceless, so its only right that what is coming is better.

PB: Who would you like to work with for future projects?

TK: I see young cats like me in this industry and I like the music they put out (Ycee, Milli, Dice Ailes). I definitely see myself working with Eva Alordiah, there’s music the world needs to listen to, talking Profound, JI, Dj combs, TMXO, many are out there. Basically people that think outside the box, I mean, there’s already a standard for videos in this industry and I would love to work with mainstream but I  have to bring something different to the table so they should chill haha. And i think you need to know that i’ll be directing videos for The Weeknd, J.Cole in a minute.

PB: That’s wassup!

TK: You know!


PB: So Chief you have film making and school going on right?

TK: Yeah I’m out here trying to make videos, tell stories with visuals in about 5 minutes. School is just protocol, I’ve found my passion. So it’s safe to say school is wasting my time in some way. I mean I’m studying computer science and that isn’t me, I never really saw myself wearing a tie & a suit and working a 5 to 9, that’s somebody else’s life.

PB: How do you shuffle between both?

TK: Its difficult, there’s a couple bad grades here and there, but I’ll survive. You shouldn’t worry about that. We good. Let’s create.


PB: Rumor has it the Queen herself Kemi Adetiba, has taken you under her wings. Is that true?

TK: Haha I been hearing that too, I don’t really know, I know she loves me though, I’m her baby boy & ting*smiles*. But if you get the chance you should ask her. I think under her wings is a good place to be, cos she’s really smart and her work ethic is exquisite. You’d love her.


PB: About Lost Dreams Inc, how did that come to be?

TK: Lost Dreams is me mehn. That’s two words that just mean a lot to me. It’s only right it’s the name of my company. Lost Dreams, Inc. right now is a creative and entertainment company I founded about two years ago when I felt lost, like things weren’t working out for me, like every little venture I tried to set up, I couldn’t maintain due to lack of resources and other reasons. Everything kept crashing, till I decided to set up something that won’t crash, hence Lost Dreams. Like the name is my little reminder of those times and never to lose this. Anyways Lost Dreams is a creative & entertainment company, the first of its kind, you can find out more Here
I mean I’m also trying to be like my mentor Jay Z with Roc Nation. I have a couple artists on that & we also offer a couple creative services.

PB: You said you tried other ventures. What were they?

TK: Haha for a moment Istarted out a clothing line, for a moment I was trying to sell stuff, haha people need to know this, for a moment I was even blogging hip hop, and I was making a little money. I’m over ambitious and that’s my problem. I think all those Lost Dreams paved the way for me; for us. I mean, I’ve found what I want to do with myself now, I just gotta keep evolving from here. But filmmaking I’m never leaving. Lost dreams I’m never leaving.
For a moment I was even planning raves, nightlife, I was an event planner. Haha.

PB: *Laughs* Raves?

TK: Yeah raves, parties all that.

PB: Wow your hustle game is strong.

TK: Haha I’m a hustler baby.

PB: You said ‘Us’. Who is Us?

TK: Haha Us is Me, Us is Lost Dreams, Us is my crew and we’re coming for you.

PB: Na so. 😎


PB: When you are not working, what do you do?

TK: I’m watching movies, I’m watching music videos, I’m watching something on youtube, K’m listening to the weeknd’s music, I’m listening to J.Cole, Jay Z, I’m listening to hip hop, I’m writing something, I’m DM-ing pretty girls on Instagram haha, disturbing the peace, I sleep, hang with my boys, tell somebody she’s beautiful, all that stuff.

PB: *laughs It’s obvious you have a lot going on.

TK: Haha you get me.

PB: Of course😎


PB: And now the question on every UNILAG girl’s mind; is there a lady in your life?

TK: *laughs* i doubt that’s on any UNILAG girl’s mind cos nobody’s come to snatch me up lately, so as of this moment Nah. Doubt any of them can handle me. I come with baggage haha.

PB: *laughs* baggage?

TK: No fear, its nothing evil. Lets forget that side.


PB: Yes Boss. How would you describe your personal style?

TK: Depends, What you mean by personal style?

PB: Your person style in terms of fashion.

TK: Ohh vintage baby, love everything vintage & retro style stand for and anything Kanye wears. Gold chains, gold rings haha y’all are not ready for me.

PB: Who or what inspires you Fashion Wise?

TK: Talking Kanye West, Asap Rocky.

PB: Why them?

TK: Well, Isn’t it obvious?

PB: Haha to the readers? Maybe not.

TK: Their style is self explanatory though.


PB: Being a filmaker, do you receive any sort of privilege? E.g, movie premiers, etc.

TK: Nah none for now, they don’t really know me out here so not yet.


PB: But 2015 has seen you bag 2 nominations and one award, isn’t that recognition enough?

TK: Haha i aint even started yet. When i’m done with this city, It’ll look like Malibu.

PB: What next should the world expect from Theophilus King?

TK: Got a couple music videos dropping before the year ends, definitely gon leave a mark. Anybody following up should watch out fi this. Bout to create a new standard of music videos.

PB: Sound it!

TK: I mean we love to see a$$ and bottles in the videos, but i think it’s time for something new, don’t you think?

PB: I do, definitely.


PB: Finally, any advice for upcoming Filmakers?

TK: Pick up a camera & shoot something, you’re a filmmaker.

So there you have it! Our Personality of The Month for september. 😀


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