Album Title: Baba Hafusa

Producers: Tyrone , Sarz , D Tunes ,Chop stick , So sick , Young John , Jospo , Kimzbeatz , Camo-Blaizz

Features: So Jay , Ice Prince , Vector , Sean Tizzle ,Olamide

Genre: Afro Hip Hop

Nigerian Hip Hop scene will never be complete if Indigenous Hip Hop isn’t mentioned and Indigenous Hip Hop will not be complete if the Alaga Ibile himself Remilekun Abdulkalid Safaru is not applauded . Ever since Reminisce released the artwork of his 3rd studio album, it has been over praised by his colleagues in the industry and his fans at large as the hottest commodity of the year 2015 but did the 16 track album fused with afro Hip Hop, dance-Hall,  high-life amongst others, live up to expectations?

1. Grind feat SoJay prod by Tyrone
SoJay came into the song to own it with his motivational hook leaving Reminisce to do justice to the rest of the song with ease.

2. BabaHafusa
He went in hard to tell us how it is . He came in to claim his spot as king of the streets and explain the love he gets without even trying. A must listen.

3. Saida
If you ever went to the university in Nigeria, you would notice the type of tune it is immediately the beat drops . This infusion of ‘Kegite music‘ shows Reminisce singing to the beat with auto tune obviously.

4. Skilashi prod. Sarz
Mr International Money , it is a good tune which sees Reminisce talking about the backside of a lady.

5. Gbamilago feat Sean Tizzle prod by D’Tunez
You know anything SeanTizzle touches is GOLD so you need to listen to it to understand .

6. I need a girl
One of my favorite songs in the album . This mild tempo tune raps about a prostitute ‘Olosho‘ who wants more than what she is worth. I don’t know if it is from experience but this tune is too well explained to be a fable . Aunty olobo town council

7. Olomoge
A very indigenous beat and a club banger that will get every Dj infusing it to their playlist. Slow but very dance-able .

8. Local Rappers feat Olamide , Phyno prod. Tyrone
This is the Real hip hop track in whole album and should be pushed ahead of other songs to me.

9. Tesojue
You already know .

10. Alagbara prod. So sick
This song will get you thanking God , it almost sounds like a worship song. Reminisce talks about wanting all the power and still wanting to pop all the expensive bottles in the club.

11. Otiya
Another club banger on the album.

12. Kososhi
Another club banger with very explicit content in its verses. A very likeable tune if you have ever been ignored by a posh lady.

13. Busayo feat Ice Prince prod by Ice Prince
You know they stand tall like they on a pulpit. Zamani did justice to the song .

14. Nothing feat So Jay prod. By Sarz
A very good tune you can always vibe to when you are on the go. So Jay should have had more time on this song because Vector for the first time was drifting and spazzed low on a feature.

15. Outro
Sees him thanking his fans for being loyal.

16. Let it be known
My favorite track off the album because when I retire, I want to be drinking Orijin and smoking sticks of switch while my kids are studying overseas, funny enough , its a bonus track. It is a very deep song with in-depth story and well thought out organization.

Reminisce is unarguably the best indigenous rapper in the nation with in-depth lyrics which can be likened to that of his contemporary HipHop colleagues here and overseas without a doubt. So Jay should have had more time in the album because he almost outshone the owner of the album without realizing it.  At first listen, I thought it was very average but when I listened to it in my comfort zone and heard the lyrics carefully, I knew Reminisce made Me reminisce.

Its a 4 star album that needs to be listened to more than once before criticizing .

– Joseph Abalokwu.