Prayzzz’s Blog introduces Diana Karuri, the 24 year old daughter of Home Afrika Chairman Lee Karuri who against all odds, became the 2014 President of the Africa Nazarene University Students Council, making her the first Lady to be elected in that position.
The Juice Radio-a branch of Capital FM- sat down with her and this is what went down.

Juice Radio : How was it contesting for a position that is highly dominated by Men?
Diana : Haha. I am not one to focus too much on gender when it comes to getting the job done.
However, it was quite intimidating considering i was the first to venture into it here and many did
advice me to run for a less ‘dangerous’ position but i had set my mind on it. I believe in maximizing one’s potential.
Juice Radio : Now that you are the President, what is your vision for Africa Nazarene University?
Diana : The school is governed by these three Cs: Character, Competence and Community. I do
believe they are crucial. But i have one more ‘C’ that can give things a twist. Creativity.
Enhancing the environment in which students can explore and engage their interests and talents- be it in the arts, sports, entrepreneurship or innovative technology.
These special qualities married with an excellent degree programme will open great doors in future for the students of Africa Nazarene University.
Juice Radio: What do you want to achieve in your tenure?
Diana: Besides creating a great platform for student expression and growth, i would like to ensure that the intake of fresh students within our campuses (we have seven  by the way-Ongata Rongai, Nairobi CBD, Meru, Machakos,
Kisii and Eldoret) increases ten-fold through vigorous marketing.
ANU is really a spectacular place to be. From the close-knit community, to interactions with
international students; from resourceful and competent staff to the life-long values instilled in
I would definitely wish that experience on everyone!


Juice Radio: Where do we see you in the next five years?
I am currently pursuing a degree in Counselling Psychology and had previously done International Relations at USIU.
Through my passion for the community, my avid
follow-up of politics and keen interest in understanding people’s behaviour and thoughts, i can safely say that i would like to work within the public sector.
In the next five years I plan to have worked briefly with the United Nations before moving on to pursue political endeavors- with the key goal of youth empowerment.
I also plan to delve in the Real Estate business… I believe that is a good area to invest in. Oh, and
hopefully i will have a ring on my finger by then! Lol.
Juice Radio: mmmh, talking about a ring on your finger, what Many men would want me to ask, are you dating?
Diana: Am I dating! Is the answer really of importance? I am currently single. Not in a rush to date but if someone interesting comes along…
who knows (chuckles).
The Juice Radio: What Motivates you?
Diana: First my deep connection with God. Most things i just do by faith, but i pray for wisdom and
guidance. I am also blessed to have alot of support from friends and family that keeps me going. Moving forward to new heights seems less daunting when you have amazing people cheering you on the sidelines. And finally i believe having passion is key. If you wake up every morning, excited about what you’re going
to do, then you are definitely in the right direction.
We have seen many Kenyan leaders/ politicians beginning their career at the university that includes Deputy President William Ruto among others.

Prayzzz’s Blog, wishes Diana Karuri success in her current tenure and in future endeavors.

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