Like the title states, i’d like to Clarify certain misconceptions on Relationships, based on Real Life experiences.
What does it mean to be Faithful?… That’s one question i’v battled with for a pretty longtime and didn’t seem to have an answer. Until recently.
In tryin/attemptin to answer the question and clarifying the areas that we can/need to be faithful, i’l like to drop another Bomb.
As a Teen, i’v seen many relationships fail due to “infidelity” on the part of one or both of the Partners. And it got me thinking. For those that got exposed to partying at an early age, u’d agree with me that it’s kinda like a “Taboo” to dance with only one person cos it gets “boring” and “Dull”. But if u dance i.e Rock with everyone at a party, what then sets your partner apart?, how do u think He or She feels wen u flirt with the opposite sex? Do you think you’r being Faithful, when you act like that? Does that show Maturity?
You might want to give excuses like “Hey, i’m not the only one”, or “i’m Young, Wild and Free so i can do w-h-a-t-e-v-e-r i want”. You might even say “it’s cos i’m not Ready for Marriage”. All these seem valid, buh do you Honestly think that u’d just Stop all @ wen u’r married. If u’r not conscious of em now, they’d slowly turn into Habits that’l be really hard to Break.
I’m not sayin i have Clear answers to these -i’m only 17! For crying out loud!… Lol- buh i hav some suggestions that js might work.
For example:
* Have Barriers: if u’r like and absolutely l-o-v-e full Body Hugs, try reserving those for yo Partner. I’m not sayin u shud abstain completely-u can try the Side Hugs- buh atleast try to reduce em, they go a longway in making amends.
*Compliment Him/Her more than u compliment outsiders: if He or She has a nu Hair Do, notice that before lookin at Someone else. I for one am an offender in that aspect.
*Always be available: if He or She needs u to be there, Be There! Dont just assume that they can take care of themselves, cos everyone has their low points.
Finally never fail to admit when u’r wrong.
…I hope i dint js Blab ma Heart out. Thanks for viewing this though. -_^!